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Huawei E5336 Mobile Wifi Router Review | and Setup

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Huawei E5336 Mobile WiFi Hotspot Router: https://amzn.to/2wE3Lot

Today we’re looking at the Huawei E5336 Mobile Wifi Router. The Huawei E5336 is mainly used as a device that converts an internet connection, through a data sim card, into WiFi internet that several devices can use. The Huawei E5336 is very useful for people who travel a lot or for people in countries where fixed line internet access isn’t as easily available. Lets take a closer look at the HUawei E5336 and then I’ll show you how to set it up.

Now the unit we’re testing today is an unlocked, quad-band version which will work with almost any GSM mobile carrier in the world. The Huawei E5336 will work with 2G and 3G network speeds but does not currently support 4G speeds.

Like every other Huawei Mobile router on the market, the Huawei E5336 has this rectangular shape with rounded corners and has a body that’s made from plastic. While most Huawei routers in the past had a simple status indicator display with multi-colored LEDs, the Huawei E5336 sports a 1.45” LCD screen that displays all the status information. Once the device is powered on by holding down the power button, the screen displays lots of useful information like network signal strength, Wifi Connectivity, Battery life, the name of your network and your Wifi Password. It also displays the monthly data usage, which is pretty useful for keeping a tab on data overages. A button on the top edge of the device allows you to scroll through and select a few basic settings and options on the device. The bottom edge of the device has a micro usb port to charge the device. You can either charge the device through a computer or AC wall adapter. Huawei provides a micro usb cable but does not provide a wall adapter. You can use any standard ac to usb wall adapter.

The back cover can be pried off using a shallow slot on the right hand edge of the device. The Wifi password can also be found on the inside of this plastic cover. The Huawei E5336 is powered by a removable 1500mah battery, which should get you about 5 hours of regular internet usage. Removing the battery reveals a full size sim card slot and a micro sd card slot. You can insert a micro sd card to store data and access this data through the device’s local network. There’s also a reset button on top, which will restore the E5336 to factory settings.

Setting the device up is fairly straight forward. Insert a sim card into the sim card slot, install the battery and power up the device. Once it powers up and your network’s name appears on screen, you need to connect your devices or computers to the Huawei E5336’s wifi network. In your computer or device’s Wifi settings, look for the network that begins with Huawei E5336.

So our overall thoughts about the Huawei E5336? The Huawei E5336 is pretty useful little device if you travel a lot or if you live in a country where fixed line internet connections are not that common. Its fairly simple to setup and use and lets you connect multiple tablets, phones, laptops and desktops to the internet. It also uses a sim card directly and doesn’t need any additional 3G usb router. Overall a very useful and well-designed product. The link to this device is below. If you found this review useful, please hit that like button and subscribe for more reviews.

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